Introduction - History of the SocietyIntroduction

Cyril Diplock, who was Organist at St Lawrence Parish Church, Alton over 45 years, established the Society soon after the organ was rebuilt in 1966. Cyril retired as organist in July 2006 and continued to be associated with the Organ Society until his sad death after a long illness 21 August 2016. The Society can boast that over 450 organ concerts have been given on this fine instrument by recitalists of the highest international acclaim. It is reputed to be one of the longest running Organ Societies in existence.

Francis Jackson (who sadly died aged 104 in January 2022) who at the time was Organist of York Minster, gave the first concert in December 1966, played since on a number of occasions including in 1996 the start of the 30th year of the Society. He performed again on the 9th November 1999 and 7th January 2003. Francis very kindly accepted our invitation to become a Patron of the Society.

The late distinguished international concert organist and teacher David Sanger gave an annual concert at St Lawrence for over 30 years. He also most kindly agreed in 2000 to be the first Patron of the Society.

We wish you a warm welcome to St Lawrence Parish Church Organ Society. We look forward to the rest of the 57th series which started on Tue 3 October 2023. Peruse the Website to discover the detailed programmes and pocket biographies of the Organists as the details unfold.

The photograph shows the late Cyril Diplock at the organ console St Lawrence Church, Alton.

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