ALTON ORGAN SOCIETY (Founded 1967) ♬♪𝄞 Updated Tuesday 4 May 2021

Andrew Lumsden's and Martin Baker's organ concerts scheduled for 6 April and 4 May 2021 respectively have, regrettably, had to be be cancelled following a review of non-service activity within the churches of the Parish of the Resurrection. We are, however, delighted to announce that we have re-schedule Claudia Grinnell, Gordon Stewart, Andrew Millingtons and Martin Baker's cancelled concert for 8 June, 6 July, 7 September 2021 and 1 March 2022 respectively. Any changes to their existing programmes will be shown in due course.

Once we are able to resume organ concerts, we may have to continue to ask future attendees to book ahead of the concerts. Please read the following:To attend future concerts you must book ahead - please read the following.

It is necessary to book a seat before each organ concert so that we can plan seating, observe social distancing and keep a record of who attends. To book, send us a message via
- and we will reserve you a seat. Please tell us if you are planning to sit together with a member of the family or close friend who is eligible to be in the same "bubble". Those who have paid for season membership will
automatically have their seats reserved unless they inform us of non-attendance.

Sadly, as long as the pandemic persists, we will be unable to serve refreshments.
In order to prevent mingling, people attending concerts will be checked against the list of bookings and then escorted to their respective places. Similarly, at the end of concert, attendees will be escorted out of the church, again to avoid mingling
Family members may sit together up to a maximum of 6.

Admission is £10 at the door which includes a copy of the programme.

We also encourage applicants for Season Membership which costs £60 - equivalent to £7.50 per concert. The application form can be downloaded

The 2020/2021 Season of Organ Concerts can be viewed here. All concerts start at 8.00 pm ending about 9.15 pm.

You are urged to visit the website
which gives you venues, dates and times of the 3,000+ organ concerts given throughout the UK.