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over 50 years of organ concerts

Patrons:  Dr David Hill MBE, Dr Francis Jackson CBE, Dame Gillian Weir DBE

and Peter Ashworth


The people of Alton who attended Tuesday 3 December organ concert given by David Poulter were treated to a top class concert given by one of the best organists to have performed at St Lawrence Church. David’s programme had something for everyone. He also chose music that sharply contrasted in style, volume, complexity - I could go on! The audience left the church at 9.30 pm full of praise and awe at what they had just witnessed (see quote below). David exploited the full range of stops on the St Lawrence Church organ that left members of the audience satisfyingly stunned at the variety of sounds and variations in volume produced by his skilful use of the pistons. David ended his concert with Pierre Cochereau’s “Scherzo Symphonique” which originally was an improvisation later transcribed painstakingly onto music manuscript. It was a “tour de force”! David’s performance of Bach’s Fantasia & Fugue in G minor was breathtaking in it’s musicality and technical ability. In summary, it was a truly memorable evenings entertainment given by this most modest but brilliant organist. Thank you David Poulter.

Here is a quote from a member of the audience:

“...What a fantastic recital last night (3 Dec) – certainly for me one of the best at Alton (in 20+yrs.) It was a smashing programme. There was an ‘awestruck’ reaction at the end of Nimrod – his constant change of registration and diminuendo was incredible – made possible by the excellent mechanics on this console?…”

Peter Ashworth has been Chairman of the Society for about 50 years and he announced during the AGM that he will stand down at the end of the current Season (May 2020). As a small but significant tribute the committee unanimously agreed to appointment him as a Patron to join the esteemed company of Dr David Hill, Dr Francis Jackson and Dame Gillian Weir.

Admission remains £10 each concert and Season Membership also remains at £60; equivalent to £7.50 per concert. Application form for season membership is available here.

The new 2019/2020 Season of Organ Concerts have been finalised and details can be viewed here. All concerts start at 8.00 pm ending about 9.15 pm. Refreshments are available from 7.30 pm. Admission is £10 at the door which includes programme.

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David Sanger was our first Patron and his personal website has been retained as a Memorial. Click here to visit it and reflect on his remarkable career as a concert organist and teacher.

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